Baculite Mesa, Pueblo County, a great place for bugs and spiders.

Here’s a few photos and a short video of trying to coax a tarantula out of her burrow.

Baculites are fossil cephalopods that formed long rod-shaped “bones,” much like the inner shell of a modern squid. The largest ones may be several feet long, but here at Baculite Mesa they are mostly small specimens.DSC04123.jpg

Here is one of the several preying mantises we found, a male.DSC04128.jpg

And the group, working on the tarantula burrow. We found several at home, but not eager to step into the sunlight.DSC04105.jpg

Here is a mating pair of Phyciodes picta, a desert version of the foothill pulchella. It seems to be common in Pueblo County. We found scores of them.DSC04119.jpg

And a whiptail lizard, apparently sleeping through our disturbances.DSC04129.jpg

And even birds, although besides the pond-side doves and killdeer, there were few. Here’s a rock wren, the best photo I could get as it kept moving.DSC04121.jpg

Author: Samuel A. Johnson

This blog is about hiking, thinking, and writing.

3 thoughts on “Baculite Mesa, Pueblo County, a great place for bugs and spiders.”

  1. My friend and I are interested in hunting the Baculite mesa. Any valid contact info. would be welcome. My name is Robert, my phone # is 720—609 3019.Please be discreet and have respect, as I will do the same. Please and Thank you.


    1. I have been to Baculite Mesa only once, on a field trip sponsored by the Mile High Bug Club. So I don’t know a lot about it. You’d have to get permission, I’m sure. You might try posting a question on Arthropods Colorado and Wyoming. They might be able to give some advice.


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