Music Summary, Part I

Many thanks to the thousands of listeners to my musical posts over the last couple of years. Here are a dozen of my favorites, mostly posted previously, but scattered all over the place, so you don’t have to scroll.

Theme 38, abridged, with drums
Theme 225, Strings at Play
Theme 233
Theme 7, Anticipation
Theme 1, the first piece I ever wrote on garage band, still one of my favorites.
Theme 59
Theme 238
Theme 2, my second piece, for Katie
Theme 226
Theme 40, When You Are Old
Theme 36, one of my happiest pieces
Theme 232

Opening Lines and a song

Here are a couple of openings for stories. If you want the whole story, you have to beg.

1. When Dan got assigned to type Dr. Cozen’s thirty thousand page biblical study manuscript it was the worst day of his life. Why, oh why, did he brag about being a champion typist? Who cared if he out-typed everyone but the teacher? He could have kept it to himself.

But the day he had to start typing the theological drudge was the same day that Mr. Tinsley’s lion got loose. 

2. Dan’s family had grown accustomed to the question “Where am I?” after five years of Granddad’s presence in their home, having come from the Nebraska sand hills to the mountainside Ranch. That, along with the daily queries concerning the whereabouts of his long-dead cousin Mabel in “Mussoura” and the sod house he’d built in “Nebraski,” framed the reality in which he moved. His brain riddled with plaques, distant memories bubbled up constantly, but the last two decades were gone forever. Dan was just sixteen, perplexed to see him so confused.

But the question, “Is it okay if I wipe my nose with this tissue?” caught Dan off guard.

Theme 221 – August 2022