Third Chronicles

Good Heavens! Imagine my surprise in finding in a disused attic this partial manuscript of Third Chronicles, a previously unknown book of the Bible. This should follow Second Chronicles, but is anachronistic, being written, obviously, by some sort of scribe in later times. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an ending. But check it out.



I’ll keep looking for the end of this book, maybe in another dusty pile in the attic.

Road Kill and Civil War

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Road Kill at the White House

Reflecting on Scaramucci’s telephone tirade to a reporter (!) I was surprised to note that Steve Bannon’s “deconstruction of the administrative state” includes the White House itself. Even the Executive can’t function under this self-generated mandate.

Bannon’s deconstruction was supposed to eliminate government programs that give people rights and freedoms. Repeal the health care mandate. Kick transgenders out of the military. Rescind antidiscrimination laws for gays. Defund Planned Parenthood. Deport immigrants. In short, do offensive things to as many social groups as possible in an effort to remove government from business peoples’ business.

But, stunningly, the Trump administration has not reckoned with the fact that those groups fought hard for decades, in huge numbers, to gain protections. The enemy list is expanding even as we watch the deconstruction reach its tentacles into the White House. At the same time, Congress has been deconstructed to the degree that the majority party can’t even pass a “skinny” repeal of Obamacare.

Civil War?

As the Trump administration fails, turning its fight inward upon its own White House and Congress, the disenfranchised white male population, already armed and dangerous, may find itself without hope. The whole point of the election will be lost, and at that point violence will be the only option. The irony is that when the gunfire starts, Trump will have to call out the National Guard to fight his own supporters. But, almost before the sun sets, Scaramucci’s out.

Syria, Nicaragua, and the US: the Mighty Threesome

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Gary Cohn, a Trump economic adviser, said of Trump at the G-7 Meeting, “He came here to learn. He came here to get smarter… His views are evolving, which is exactly as they should be.” But because Trump is not capable of learning or getting smarter, he came away only more sure of his campaign promise–the only promise he is able to keep without courts or Congress to balance his incompetence.

Clearly, Trump didn’t want to commit to withdrawal at the G-7 meeting in Sicily because he would have had to justify it, to answer questions. He was unable to do that. Here, he can withdraw from a distance and not have to stand up to direct criticism in the room. His case is  simple in every respect. It was a campaign promise, and the only one, so far, that he can effect without having to satisfy other governmental agencies.

The upshot? We join only Nicaragua and Syria in declining to pledge to reduce carbon emissions. Who’d a thought? Syria, Nicaragua, and the US, a mindless threesome. At least Syria and Nicaragua had an excuse.