Mushroom Time

The mountainsides are bubbling up with mushrooms as always at this time of year, but the heavy rains of July and August have brought up a bumper crop. Here are a few. I’ll follow with some names as I get feedback from the Mycological Society of Colorado Facebook group. The diversity is stunning. I think we found 33 species on this one hike.


The Mycological Society seems to be more about edibles and hunting for dinner, so they’re not much help so far. I’ve tracked down a couple of leads. The little white ones above might be Parasolus, parasol mushrooms.

The one below was called Cystoderma amianthinum by The Mushroom Identification Forum.



And this one was identified to genus, Thelephora.White fringed purple

This is probably a Russula species, maybe versla.DSC04071.jpg


And the big ones, below, are all Polypores. Those little creamy ones are still a mystery.DSC04026.jpg


White polypore 2 underside

Wavy polypore

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