Maricie’s Song

Many years ago I wrote a novel called Miracavira, an enchanted land where I ended up under bizarre circumstances. When I was tragically whisked away, back to earth, I left behind a very sad situation that only I could fix. Maricie, a love interest in Miracavira, was given a song to sing that would bring me back from across the divide. It’s a picture of the tragedy, and it goes like this:

Maricie’s Song

New Songs

I don’t know what my life might have been like if I’d been able to make music like this when I was a kid listening to Tchaikovsky and Beethoven and Brahms. I couldn’t imagine sitting at a computer and getting sounds like this, even though it is generally less esthetically pleasing than a real orchestra. I have no training in music, but if I could have done this, I might have dived into a music major.

Theme 196.1
Theme 197

Songs New and Old

Here are three songs. The first is a revision of a 2018 piece that needed a lot of work. I like it much better now. The next two are lullabies. Now that I have a tiny grandson, I have an excuse to write lullabies. What fun. And a sad butterfly to wonder about.

This sad little guy is a puzzler. I think it might be a Florida white (Glutophrissa drasilla), far out of his normal range, and rather the worse for the journey.
Theme 59, revised
A Lullaby I wrote for our little friend “Fizzy” from Chicago.
“To Dry the Eyes that Weep,” a newer version of my original “Cricket Song.”