And still more…

Here are two more compositions. The first is a hard-hitting thing I call, “Four Rooms,” or, sometimes, “Four Conversations,” and the second is one of the saddest songs I ever wrote. I call it, “When You Are Old.” I couldn’t ever write words to it, beyond, “When you are old, and lie next to me, and your skin is cold, I’ll take your hand, I’ll hold you tightly, wishing you’d carry me into the sunset with you.” Hope you like them.

Theme 38, Four Rooms
Theme 40, When You Are Old

Maricie’s Song

Many years ago I wrote a novel called Miracavira, an enchanted land where I ended up under bizarre circumstances. When I was tragically whisked away, back to earth, I left behind a very sad situation that only I could fix. Maricie, a love interest in Miracavira, was given a song to sing that would bring me back from across the divide. It’s a picture of the tragedy, and it goes like this:

Maricie’s Song

New Songs

I don’t know what my life might have been like if I’d been able to make music like this when I was a kid listening to Tchaikovsky and Beethoven and Brahms. I couldn’t imagine sitting at a computer and getting sounds like this, even though it is generally less esthetically pleasing than a real orchestra. I have no training in music, but if I could have done this, I might have dived into a music major.

Theme 196.1
Theme 197