Musical Compositions

This one is for chasing butterflies. I thought this must have been what I looked like at age four or five, trying to catch butterflies with my hands.


This is the first instrumental composition I ever wrote, in 1962, with the help of Bruce Markkula, who studied guitar with Johnny Smith.


This one is the first composition I ever wrote on GarageBand, in about 2008. I refer to it as “My Adagio,” since it has no other name.


To Dry the Eyes that Weep: A Cricket Lullaby

As we approach Autumn, the crickets begin their plaintive calls each night. If you have little kids, teach them to love the cricket songs. I made a lullaby for them, complete with crickets!


New Pieces of Music

Here is some reading music to carry you away through the next few articles. All songs Copyright Samuel A. Johnson, 2016

Reading Music


Everywhere I go:


Cricket Song:


Theme 5 for Guitar and Piano:


Theme 4: