New Songs

I don’t know what my life might have been like if I’d been able to make music like this when I was a kid listening to Tchaikovsky and Beethoven and Brahms. I couldn’t imagine sitting at a computer and getting sounds like this, even though it is generally less esthetically pleasing than a real orchestra. I have no training in music, but if I could have done this, I might have dived into a music major.

Theme 196.1
Theme 197

Songs New and Old

Here are three songs. The first is a revision of a 2018 piece that needed a lot of work. I like it much better now. The next two are lullabies. Now that I have a tiny grandson, I have an excuse to write lullabies. What fun. And a sad butterfly to wonder about.

This sad little guy is a puzzler. I think it might be a Florida white (Glutophrissa drasilla), far out of his normal range, and rather the worse for the journey.
Theme 59, revised
A Lullaby I wrote for our little friend “Fizzy” from Chicago.
“To Dry the Eyes that Weep,” a newer version of my original “Cricket Song.”

Top 24 Butterflies

Here are the 24 most common butterfly species found in Bear Creek, according to my 31 years of record keeping. It is part of a presentation I am making for the Bear Creek Nature Center, in case they’re interested. Following these photos are two new pieces of music, so you can listen while you peruse the butterflies.

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