Maricie’s Song

Many years ago I wrote a novel called Miracavira, an enchanted land where I ended up under bizarre circumstances. When I was tragically whisked away, back to earth, I left behind a very sad situation that only I could fix. Maricie, a love interest in Miracavira, was given a song to sing that would bring me back from across the divide. It’s a picture of the tragedy, and it goes like this:

Maricie’s Song

Author: Samuel A. Johnson

This blog is about hiking, thinking, and writing.

One thought on “Maricie’s Song”

  1. Pretty songs, Sam! & photos! Nice to see your DC Facebook post! I’m in the Chicago area, retired after 34 yrs in SpEd for kids w Dyslexia +/or Emotional Behavioral Disabilities. Half in Vermont & half here. 1st job in Japan ‘69-‘71, then backpacked 6 mos home overland. Maybe see ou Sept 8!
    Peg Lane


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