American Lament

I wrote this in about 1975, disgusted with the industrial complex in America, and the loss of natural areas to mining, quarrying, and oil exploration. Then I lost it for about 30 years, rediscovered a miserable recording of it, and put it on garageband in about 2008. Here it is with all its rough edges.


Author: Samuel A. Johnson

This blog is about hiking, thinking, and writing.

2 thoughts on “American Lament”

  1. Jeez Sam, American Lament is as relevant today as it was 45 year ago—-even more so considering how much more carbon dioxide & methane are in the atmosphere. Enough ain’t enough for America(n) consumers & 45 more years into the corporate coup d’etat, it’s still not enough for corporate America. Hopefully POTUS Bernie can restrain them. Here’s Friedman’s strategy—the best I’ve seen yet:

    You may have to pick up the tempo a touch on American Lament to keep the millenials attention. Cheers.


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