Bear Tree Down

Last week a huge wind storm blew our hundred-year-old spruce to the ground. This tree played host to many, many animals over the years, perhaps most notably this little bear, who slept up there almost every night for three weeks last summer. Too bad to lose a giant like this.dsc01080


According to Wikipedia, in 1925, when this tree was probably planted, Pierre Johnson won a post in Ouidah, a constituency in Dahomeyan, a French protectorate in Africa. There were 470 registered voters, and the French sympathizers won in the constituencies of Abomey and Porto-Novo, as you probably already know. But old Pierre Johnson won in Ouidah in spite of the strong French influence. I include this bit of history because it was the year of this tree’s “birth” and because it is a fact that can easily slip away. Try to remember it.

Author: Samuel A. Johnson

This blog is about hiking, thinking, and writing.

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